We are Patrick & Ian and we grew up together in Edinburgh. Many years ago we shared a flat in London and began to develop a mutual passion for whisky. A few years later we bought a 40 litre pot still and started to develop plans to build a distillery in our home town. 

With lots of help from a lot of people, lots of false starts, and lots and lots of meetings, those plans are now becoming a reality. 



Picking the right people to design our building was one of the biggest decisions we faced. Then we met a man called Stefano Faiella who seemed to be as passionate about our project as we were.

Threesixty Architecture have been given an ambitious design brief. We want our building to do a lot of things, and we want it to be beautiful. Stefano, Rolf, Neal and Grace are currently hard at work to make that happen. 



It's slightly unusual to have builders involved at this stage of a project, but Colorado Group engaged with our vision from the very beginning, helping us to figure out the challenges ahead. Having already constructed Glen Turner, Isle of Harris, InchDairnie and Kingsbarns distilleries, they bring invaluable experience to our plans.