We are Patrick & Ian and we grew up together in Edinburgh. Many years ago we shared a flat in London and began to develop a mutual passion for whisky. Ian became a wine merchant, Paddy became an accountant, but all the while we were developing plans to build a distillery in our home town.

Our 6 year (and counting) journey to build this distillery began on a sofa, as two whisky fans who dreamt of making their own single malt. We've got this far thanks to the generosity and passion of scores of whisky industry veterans, visionary investors and highly supportive colleagues, friends and family.



James Porteous studied his craft at the Heriot Watt’s world leading International Centre for Brewing and Distilling (ICBD) where he graduated top of his year, winning the Brewer's Company Award and the Allied Brewery Traders Association Prize, and then going on to win the Watt Club postgraduate medal. He went on to found the Electric Spirit Company where his incredible Achroous Gin caught our attention. We‘re very excited to have him on our team.



Victoria Muir-Taylor is another award winning graduate of Heriot Watt’s ICBD and is leading our research programme into the role of yeasts and fermentation in Scotch Whisky production. She previously studied the potential for non-conventional yeast species in low alcohol beer, trained as a brewer with Edinburgh’s excellent Stewart Brewing, and most recently was a distiller at the awesome Glasgow Distillery.

Victoria’s work is at the core of our mission to expand the horizons of Scotch Whisky and we enjoy listening to her using words that we don’t understand.


Picking the right people to design our building was one of the biggest decisions we faced. Then we met a man called Stefano Faiella who seemed to be as passionate about our project as we were.

Threesixty Architecture have been given an ambitious design brief. We want our building to do a lot of things, and we want it to be beautiful. Stefano, Rolf, Neal and Grace are currently hard at work to make that happen.


There’s no more room in our shed just now. but we will be recruiting for a range of roles over the next 12 months. If you’d like to submit your CV for our records, email us at