It’s still a while before our whisky distillery will be finished. The Tower Street Stillhouse is our home for now and the production hub for our Lind & Lime Gin. Click here to book a tour.


We're now working in a unit on the other side of Leith, called The Tower Street Stillhouse. From the Stillhouse, we're producing a new gin that celebrates the remarkable heritage of Leith as a centre of distillation and Scotland’s gateway to the world.  

The Stillhouse is also hosting our whisky development programme. We received a grant from Innovate UK for a Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Heriot Watt University’s world leading International Centre for Brewing and Distilling. This will fund 2 years of experimentation, trialling a wide range of yeasts and fermentations to find new flavour profiles that we can carry through to our distillate. We are forging a long term partnership with Heriot Watt, which will see future students and graduates coming to learn and work with us.

In short, the Tower Street Stillhouse should be a pretty exciting place to be for the next couple of years.

From the very beginning, we've wanted to collaborate with producers we admire and we’re excited to be sharing the Stillhouse with another fantastic local producer. The Electric Spirit Co has been making gin in Leith since 2015 and moving into the Stillhouse will see their production grow significantly, allowing founder James to meet the pent-up demand for his Achroous Gin.


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