With our planning application approved, we're currently raising investment to construct the first purpose-built single malt whisky distillery in Edinburgh for over a century.   


Edinburgh has an incredibly rich whisky heritage, and the Port of Leith was the epicentre of the industry. Read about it here.

The site for our distillery is located right on the edge of the harbour, next to The Royal Yacht Britannia and The Ocean Terminal centre.

Leith already has an amazingly diverse community of restaurants, bars, artists, brewers and distillers.

We can't wait to be a part of it. 




At the core of our vision is an ambition to produce outstanding Scotch whisky.

We want to focus on a key element of whisky production that is often overlooked: fermentation. Whisky is distilled beer, and as any beer fan will tell you, there are a world of possibilities at your fingertips when you're brewing a beer. We want to play with those possibilities, ferment them, and then distill a beautiful lowland single malt whisky. 

We're working with one of Scotland's top production experts to create a bespoke process that will achieve our quality obsessed ambitions. In every decision we make on our building, the process is king. 



Our planning application has been approved by Edinburgh Council and we're now preparing for construction.  


Our design brief was ambitious. We aim to eventually produce 400,000lpa (litres pure alcohol) per year as well as welcoming tens of thousands of visitors through the door with a shop and bar. In addition to this, we have included a lab space for analysis and experimentation with students from Heriot Watt, offices and facilities for our staff, and a number of flexible spaces that can be used for exhibitions and public events. 

At the core of the building will be a vertical production process, with grain milling and mashing at the top, leading down through fermentation to distillation at the bottom. Around that, we're creating a unique experience for our visitors, allowing them to get as close to the process as possible. 

All of this will be encased in a beautiful, bold and modern building sitting on Leith's waterfront - a beacon for cruise ships entering the port and an iconic new structure for Edinburgh. 




1. In everything we do, our number 1 aim is to make an incredible, delicious and distinctive whisky that Edinburgh will be proud to call its own.  

2. We have a unique opportunity to consider the visitor experience as we design our building. We're going to exploit that opportunity to the fullest extent and create a truly exceptional experience. 

3. Leith was once a centre for whisky production, blending, bottling and maturation. We will resurrect that industry once again and put the Port of Leith back on the whisky map. 

4. We began this journey as two enthusiasts who wanted to get behind the corporate facade and demystify the product we love. Our company will be resolutely open to everyone. 


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